• A Block for Greener Walls

    Made from natural mineral compounds, this alternative to standard concrete masonry units mimics the look of raw rock.

  • DeWalt DW0822 Layout Laser

    This combination tool shoots both lines and dots, and can be used in place of a plumb bob.

  • 50 Cool Things You Could Have Seen at the World of Concrete

    If you are a concrete guy or gal (and love tools and equipment) you owe it to yourself to go to this show at least once in your life. Here's a quick pictorial view of some highlights from 2014.

  • It's Work Zone Safety Awareness Week!

    This annual national event is credited with lowering worker fatalities almost 40%. Recent stats suggest that there's still more that can be done to save lives.

  • Entitlement Crisis is Worse Than You Think

    At the upcoming ASCC Concrete Executive Leadership Forum, Ben Sasse, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, will explain why, with the Medicare trust fund projected to be 13 years from insolvency, Washington needs to act now.

  • Students Protest Closure of Building Trades Program

    High school administrators thought suspending students and banning them from the prom would settle the matter, but then tradesmen joined the protest and Mike Rowe produced a video.

  • Eight Sources of Water in Concrete

    Concrete batch tickets typically have the water added in the plant neatly printed on the ticket. What may surprise you is that there are actually multiple sources of water.

  • Paper or Digital?

    Ken Hover's upcoming article will describe how to "crack the code" of a concrete delivery ticket. But what happens when these tickets become digital?

  • Dust Shrouds for Hammers

    Bosch introduces the HDC100, HDC200, HDC250 and HDC300 — an all-new lineup of dust collection attachments for its SDS-plus and SDS-max spline hammers.

  • National Geographic Channel to Feature Brokk Demo Machine

    The National Geographic Channel’s “Showdown of the Unbeatables” will, on April 11, feature the compact Brokk 100 remote-controlled demolition machine in a head-to-head battle with man in a test of strength, agility, and precision.

  • A Blueprint to Reading Blueprints

    When our foremen serve as gatekeepers of information on the jobsite, it is ineffective and counterproductive. Discover why it is essential for your bottom line, your crew’s morale, and your company’s future to have your laborers also able to read blueprints.

  • Verifi Receives Connected World Award

    Verifi has been selected as a Gold Award winner at the 2014 Connected World Awards. Verifi enables ready-mixed concrete producers to measure, manage, and record concrete quality in the mixing drum from batching to discharge.

  • Keeping Concrete Mix Dry

    For bagged mixes, this deck builder has a method that only takes a couple of scrap 4x4s and two contractor trash bags. How do you keep bagged mixes dry?

  • Choose Hand Safety

    Developed with the Masonry Research to Practice Partnership, this website is tailored for the trowel trades. But there's safety information anyone can use — how to select hand tools and gloves, and training materials on how to identify hazards and protect your hands.

  • Reinventing Concrete

    This California company envisions a world in which the 8 billion tons of concrete used each year sequester billions of tons of carbon dioxide. This is the return of what was formerly called Calera.

  • 10 Things Great Leaders Say Every Week

    If you want to lead a team toward a goal, you need to make sure they know how their daily work connects to the overall objectives. Here's how to make that happen with just one weekly meeting.

  • How the New Overtime Law Changes Will Affect Small Businesses

    President Obama recently signed an executive order calling for new overtime law changes. Here's what this means for you and your small business.

  • Reducing Workers' Comp Claims

    A new survey released by Aflac Insurance, found that 42 percent of companies providing access to voluntary accident and disability insurance reported declines in their workers' compensation claims.

  • Today's Capital Construction Projects

    What's the impact of different project delivery methods and team integration on project outcomes? The Charles A. Pankow Foundation, working with the Construction Industry Institute, University of Colorado and Penn State University, has studied this key question and will offer the first presentation...

  • Fifty-Eight Years

    Concrete Construction’s first issue was in 1956. Sure, lots of things have changed over the years, but you probably won’t be surprised to find that the basics of how to build with concrete remain largely unchanged.


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