• CO2-Cured Concrete Performs Well in Extreme Conditions

    Tests conducted by engineers at Purdue University and Solidia Technologies show that concrete cured with carbon dioxide (CO2) performs comparably or better than traditional Portland Cement-based concrete for resistance to cold weather and exposure to extreme conditions.

  • Robotic Masonry and Concrete Construction

    Bricklaying robots, building structures out of rubble, and creative concrete are all works in progress at ETH Zurich.

  • NYC Factory Churning Out Concrete Countertops

    IceStone diverts about a million pounds of glass from the waste stream-which would ordinarily end up in dumps-each year, and creates concrete countertops.

  • Incredible Photos Tell The Story Of The Hoover Dam

    Construction of the Hoover Dam began on July 7, 1930, marking the beginning of the creation of one of the largest manmade structures in the world--and an incredible concrete success story.

  • Towers on Tappan Zee Bridge Rise

    Construction of the towers that will give the new Tappan Zee Bridge its distinctive look could start in August. Each of the eight towers on the cable-stayed crossing will be as tall as a 42-story building.

  • Are Plastic Roads Possible?

    As if asphalt wasn't already enough competition to concrete pavements, a Dutch city could be first to pave its streets with recycled plastic bottles.


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