• Foundations of a Sustainable Future

    Nanoparticles have the potential to revolutionise the construction industry, but we need to tread carefully until the potential hazards of these "wonder materials" are fully understood.

  • Video: Giant Jenga Game

    The first video in the Built For It series, "Stack" pits five Cat machines against a mountain of massive wood blocks. The object of the game is for heavy equipment operators to remove and then reposition a stack of 27 blocks one at a time, without toppling the structure.

  • An Exceptionally Well Organized Pickup

    Jeff Van Damme turned the back of his truck into a giant storage system.

  • Concrete Lumber

    Made from a cementitious composite, this lumber promises durability and strength.

  • Top 18-Volt Tools for Builders

    Here are the cordless tools builders have, the ones they want, and their favorite brands.

  • 7 Habits of Remarkably Likeable Bosses

    If they like you, really like you, you will actually be a better boss. Here's how to make that happen.


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