• Jellyfish House in Spain

    Relying on concrete, glass, and not much else to create drama, this severely abstract building seduces us with the way light strikes the concrete’s bare skin or the way space shoots up or down into barren vistas.

  • Film of the Past is Concrete Building's Present

    The facade of a concrete student housing building in Montreal has been brought to life with still images from a local film by Thomas Edison.

  • Construction Economists Optimistic

    On a recent call, economists from ABC, AIA, and NAHB presented an optimistic viewpoint of the construction economy over the next two years. Government spending, however, continues to lag.

  • Saving America's Bridges

    Infrastructure sensors can detect safety hazards, improve traffic flows, and even help generate revenue.

  • Wind Turbines Under Construction

    Every wind turbine requires a large concrete foundation, so there is potential business for concrete contractors. And the business is booming. A record 14,600 MW of wind was under construction in the U.S. at the end of June, according to the American Wind Energy Association.

  • Improving Concrete Quality

    NRMCA is presenting a new one-day course, Improving Concrete Quality, intended for concrete producers, material suppliers, engineers, testing labs, and contractors.

  • 5 Concrete Slab Questions, Answered

    Constructing a flawless concrete slab doesn't require knowing all the secrets of the universe, but it helps if you have some basic understanding.

  • Be aware of what's on OSHA's radar

    An unfortunate side effect of the improved economy and rise in work has been a noted increase in fatality and injury rates in the construction industry, according to David Michaels with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

  • 5 Surprising Uses for Concrete

    Concrete isn't just for floors anymore. Here it has been used to create some surprising everyday items, including an espresso maker, speakers, and a pool table.

  • 3D Concrete Printer

    A building contractor in Minnesota has developed his own 3D printer which can print concrete directly from CAD design software, and he has used it to 3D-print a castle in his back garden.

  • CIM Program Launches new Website

    The Concrete Industry Management program has launched its new website aimed at recruiting new students and showcasing the CIM program and the successes of the four university programs.

  • 5 Must-Have Apps

    We asked professionals from across the industry to share the apps that keep them organized. Here are five of their favorites.


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