• Corrugated Mexican Concrete Home

    This concrete home near Mexico City was built for a Mexican soccer star and his family. The corrugations produce different interesting shadows throughout the day.

  • The Cloud for Small Contractors

    Small-to-midsized general contractors need to manage data throughout a project life cycle, but most of the larger, more complex project management systems are too much for a small company to handle. Enter cloud-based platforms such as BuildingBlok.

  • Heavily Reinforced Foundations for French Fusion Reactor

    As construction of Iter begins, The Engineer's Stuart Nathan looks at the fusion reactor's foundation with radial and orthogonal reinforcement.

  • Bamboo Reinforcement for Concrete

    Research on the use of a bamboo composite material in place of steel to strengthen concrete is producing positive results that could help some developing countries urbanize.

  • Tallest Flagpole in North America

    Standing 400 feet tall, the new Acuity Insurance Flagpole is the tallest in North America. It's anchored to the ground by a massive concrete foundation. Very inspiring!

  • Why Isn't Smog-Gobbling Concrete More Popular?

    If Italy is using photocatalytic cement, as in the Expo Milano 2015 building, why hasn't the rest of the world caught on?

  • Cracking Concrete Creates Problem

    The airport authority says the cracked sidewalks at the recently rebuilt terminal at the San Diego International Airport were built according to specifications, so why is the contractor still paying to fix them?

  • 5 Lessons from America’s Concrete Contractors

    The companies on this year’s list of America’s Concrete Contractors are at the head of the class in many ways. Here’s what they have taught us this year.

  • 10 Largest Construction Starts

    Interesting to see this list of the 10 largest starts in June across the U.S. Lots of infrastructure projects, including wind farms, but also some office buildings.

  • What do you know about old concrete mixers?

    The Gorham Historical Society shares a 1920's era concrete mixer recently resurrected after 60 years of storage in a barn.

  • CPAA Announces New President

    The Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) has a new president, Chad Gill with Concreate, Midlothian, Va., who hopes to "engage the membership with increased communication and involvement in driving the industry forward."

  • Robots Take on Construction

    The next frontier of construction robots wants to work for you. These five machines are being primed by their developers to work on even the most rugged jobsites in the not-so-distant future.


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