• 10 Largest Construction Starts

    Interesting to see this list of the 10 largest starts in June across the U.S. Lots of infrastructure projects, including wind farms, but also some office buildings.

  • Safely Placing Concrete with Pumps

    This card shows safety tips for ready mix truck drivers placing concrete into a pump hopper, but the info is valuable for everyone involved.

  • Stop Fooling Yourself When You Measure Performance

    Remodeling magazine editor Craig Webb has some advice that is also true for concrete contractors: Be honest when you create your key metrics so you get a true picture of your company's performance.

  • Cosy Concrete Cabin

    From afar, you'd think the Refugi Liepthaus in the Alps was just another quaint log cabin. But when you get close, you'll realize that the ridges on the walls are not logs but solid concrete.

  • Cracking Concrete Creates Problem

    The airport authority says the cracked sidewalks at the recently rebuilt terminal at the San Diego International Airport were built according to specifications, so why is the contractor still paying to fix them?

  • White House Endorses Republican Highway Bill

    The White House has backed a $10 billion bill in the House that would extend federal transportation funding through next spring.The surprise endorsement clears the way for a deal with Democrats in the Senate.


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