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    Concrete Vapor Barriers

    Effective vapor barriers underneath concrete slabs.

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    Removing Urine Odor from Concrete

    Our cat frequently urinated on our basement concrete floor, which now has a strong urine smell. I’m in the process of getting the house ready for sale and have tried everything I can think of to remov

  • Optimizing Polymer Overlay Performance

    Do you have any information on the long-term performance of polymer overlays?

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    Exposing Aggregate

    We were placing a large concrete patio that was to have an exposed-aggregate finish. After placing and bullfloating the slab, we spread a layer of decorative aggregate across the surface, pressed it down so it was completely embedded in the concrete, then hand-floated the entire surface, slightly...

  • Removing Excess Bond Breaker

    On a recent project, we encountered a problem with excess bond breaker left on tilt-up panels. What is the best way to get the bond breaker off of panels so they can be painted successfully?

  • Using Fibers on Pool Decks

    Can fiber reinforcement be used in a swimming pool deck or will fibers at the surface be a problem for bare feet?

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    Removing Footprints

    One of my workers walked on a parking deck too soon and left footprints in the concrete. There are a lot of prints, and they are very shallow but still visible. The owner wants them repaired so they aren't noticeable. Is there any way to do this economica

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    Proper Prep Before Work Starts

    I'm relatively new to the concrete polishing business. My company has been involved in treating stone and tile floors for years, and recently began to polish more concrete surfaces. Recently, we were asked to bid on a project that featured a concrete floo

  • Dealing With Burlap Stains

    One problem with trying to remove this type of stain is that you may find yourself left with a nonuniform appearance--the areas of cleaner, brighter concrete standing out where dark stains used to be. You might try blasting lightly using blast media that'

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    Decorative for Existing Slabs

    I am a California architect and read your article about decorative concrete at the World of Concrete. Are there processes that can be used on existing concrete floors to make them more decorative? I know you can use dyes and then stamp it with wet concret

  • Sealing Terminology

    What is the difference between a sealer and a sealant?

  • Moisture Problems with Concrete Slabs

    Why does it seem that moisture-related flooring problems are more common today than in the past?

  • Problem Clinic: Colored Concrete Shrinkage

    How does coloring affect concrete shrinkage?

  • Clear Water Repellent Treatments for Concrete Masonry

    We are considering bidding a project that would involve applying a clear water repellent on a recently constructed concrete block building. How should we approach the selection process for the proper material?

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    ACI Encourages Student Interest

    ACI posted the following problem to students in engineering and construction management programs around the country.

  • Improving Traction on a Pool Deck

    How can we best improve the traction on the pool deck, remembering that budget is always an issue?

  • Improving Traction

    The concrete floor in my horse barn has an ulra-smooth finish. I’m concerned that with horseshoes on their hooves, the horses may slip and fall. Any ideas on how to improve the traction?

  • Washing Away Floor Contaminants

    I have heard of epoxy flooring contractors "washing" concrete of all contaminants with (correct me if I am wrong) xylem. From what I have been told, it washes the impurities some depth into the concrete where they will not be a factor in failure of adhesi

  • Rust Stains

    We have some concrete that has developed rust stains over a period of about a year. It appears to be caused by the aggregate.

  • Removing Lime Stains

    What is the best way to remove the white calcification from my colored concrete patio? We have very hard water here, and the sprinklers spray onto the patio.


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