10 Can't Miss Projects from 2014

General contractor McCarthy Building Companies joined with the project’s concrete contractor and engineer to inform the owner of the potential benefits of building with concrete versus steel. “We looked at all the factors the owner would be interested in from flexibility in the future to cost, and were able to show concrete was a viable option for the Banner Estrella project,” says Chris Jacobsen, vice president of business development for McCarthy’s Southwest Division.

Building a Landmark – Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, St. Louis

Post-tensioned concrete floor plates cantilever over College Avenue, creating shade for pedestrians below.

Curb demolition on existing structure in Corredor Sur, exposing existing 15-year-old strip seal joints in preparation of bridge widening for the Tocumen Airport’s New Access.

Dual-layer concrete paving offers maximum economic efficiency for paving motorways. In this project, the Wirtgen paving train achieves an output of 400 to 500 m per day.

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