2016 DCC Awards, Second Place Winners

Sidewalks, plazas, bridges, a pond, and a stream showcase virtually all surface treatments: integrally colored bases topped with stained and stamped concrete, dust-on color hardeners, and special forming techniques. One interesting note: Once the 850-square-foot stream bed was paved, more than 10,000 stones were placed by hand into the wet concrete.

The client doesn’t like “traditional” stamped concrete. The solution? Multicolor stamped concrete with grouted joints placed in two tiers to accommodate the sloped backyard.

The client wanted polished concrete on four floor levels including a tiered auditorium with seats and an upscale, two-toned Epoxy Terrazo finish in the lobby. The project took polishing to another level with a vertical baseboard that matched the floor.

Numerous patterns and textures were used on the less-than-quarter-inch overlay for 22,000 square feet of retail space. Consistent craftsmanship produced clear, clean lines throughout.

The contractor for this 1,350-square-foot pool deck at a home in Rochester Hills, Mich., masked wide but narrowly spaced control joints with a new design that compliments brick columns and archways, a stone paver walkway, and a stamped patio.

The bond pattern in a mid-Century modern home’s long, undulating driveway was achieved by checkerboarding pours; consistent finishes; and crisp, clean sawcut lines. Judges particularly appreciated the project’s architectural element.

This was the contractor’s second skatepark project, and the company completed all aspects -- formwork, shaping, reinforcing, placement, and finishing – ahead of schedule. Judges noted the curved boards and forms and the embedded rails.

A 24-foot mountain crawling with lifelike deer, brown and black bears, pheasants, and moose was hand-carved from a combination of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels and shotcrete, and then painted. Total footprint: 1,200 square feet.

Nothing like fixing another contractor’s mistakes. After removing flaking, water-based stain, Concrete Mystique applied a 1/8-inch overlay, then drew and cut a new, flower-and-vine design. Acid stain was applied, darkest to lightest, and topped with two coats of solvent-based sealer.

A formerly fallow inner-city location transformed by a hollowed-out tree; log steppers; boulders handcrafted from shotcrete; a compass rose with 10 colors and textures; colorful plazas with radial walls; sandblasted and stained footprints; and stained, sealed floors in a renovated building. Judges particularly liked the embeds and vertical applications.

Instead of a diagonal checkerboard, the contractor convinced the client to incorporate existing expansion joints into the design of the salt-finished concrete. Garage floors are epoxy with quartz. All the work was done by hand.

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