432 Park Ave

Doka’s load-bearing Staxo 100, designed for tall shoring-heights and high loads, was used to unite high-load capacity and safety. The sys-tem's very high load-bearing capacity – up to 22,500 pounds per leg – has optimized use of equipment for this project.

Construction began in September 2011 and with safety as a concern, Doka was selected to provide the high-end formwork solutions needed to keep the project on schedule.

Pursuing the tallest residential building in the Western hemisphere is a safety challenge that requires a high attention to detail at every step.

Custom, architectural steel formwork was used all around the outside column and the spandrel beams in the form of stainless steel factsheets.

432 Park Avenue is a 90-foot by 90-foot square luxury condo building erected 1,398 feet high.

High-strength reinforcing and custom stainless steel self-climbing forms allowed Roger & Sons to deliver the exposed external frame with an architectural finish.

Roger & Sons Concrete Inc., the concrete contractor on the project, had its work cut out with the 96-story building positioned in a high-end neighborhood known for art, fashion, and retail.

“This building will be a landmark, rising out of Midtown like a pencil sticking up in the air twice as high as anything else in the neighborhood,” says Antonio Rodrigues, president of Roger & Sons Concrete.

Doka’s Super Climber combined with Framax was used as the self-climbing core formwork.

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