A Concrete Education at College Avenue Commons

Post-tensioned concrete floor plates cantilever over College Avenue, creating shade for pedestrians below.

New concrete teaching lab for the Del E. Webb School of Construction with polished concrete floors.

Decorative concrete hardscape and concrete furniture provide gathering places for students and faculty.

Interior floor coverings were deleted in favor of ground, polished concrete floors. This was accomplished by grinding 0.25 inches from the structural concrete floors to reveal the larger aggregate.

The architectural design features exposed concrete with different finishes applied throughout the building. This will allow the structure to be used as a teaching tool when discussing concrete finishes and project specifications.

The exterior of the building features an exposed concrete staircase that leads directly to the third floor classrooms.

The architectural requirements for the exposed underside of the staircase required extensive labor to custom fit each section of formwork.

An overview of ASU’s new College Avenue Commons building. The structure features a cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete frame, exposed concrete finishes throughout and extensive decorative concrete hardscaping.

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