Advantages of Demolition Robots

Demolition robots are designed to improve safety and efficiency of concrete demolition in confined spaces.

Operators control the robots remotely using a joystick console that they carry or attach to their bodies.

The Brokk 100 robot is compact enough to transport in a standard passenger elevator.

The terrarium at the center of NASDAQ’s Philadelphia offices was demolished after office hours within a three-week window.

Demolition of the NASDAQ aquarium.

For La Reve restaurant in Wauwatoso, Wis., Interstate Sawing used robots to perform a complete interior demolition of a two-story space.

Demolition robots can reach much further than humans.

Robots are perfect for interior demolition work.

Demo robots come with hammer points and also with jaws to cut rebar.

Interstate Sawing suspended one of its robots from a crane to demolish an obsolete smokestack at a power plant. The operator worked the machine from the back of a truck parked out of harm’s way.

The robot is mounted in a cage for lifting by crane.

Debris falls inside the smoke stack.

Robotic demolition of stacks is the safest approach.

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