Artistry in Decorative Concrete 2012: Judah Haas

Judah Haas designed his own wood-grain stamps for his demo. He placed fresh concrete on the first day of the demos so visitors could watch the coloring and stamping process.

His wood-grain pattern came from an old bridge plank that he managed to salvage.

Judah prebuilt the woodwork and hauled it to the show. He salvaged old cedar telephone poles to make the all the woodwork.

The tabletop was cast at the same time as the slab. The rim was made from salvaged steel angle and the leg piece was precast concrete.

A closer view of the table shows the stools are also concrete, which were cast onsite into a mold he built.

Judah sitting beside his work.

This bowl is also cast concrete.

A closer view of the wood grain patterned tabletop shows intricate wood grain and notches.The glass coasters beside the bowl are also concrete.

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