As Good as New

The exterior grade allowed the two levels to be accessed from outside, eliminating the need for an interior ramp.

The structure’s exterior walls are loadbearing brick.

Workers placed shoring beneath the slab sections prior to cutting into squares.

The cut slab sections were transported offsite for reuse as paving in the contractor’s yard.

Before starting on construction of the new slab, the entire existing slab was removed. Note the bracing for the exterior masonry walls.

The existing columns were encased in a concrete jacket, which simplified shear and bearing conditions and delivered the new floor loads directly to the footings.

Locating the closure strips along the north and east walls eliminated the need for closure strips within the drainage areas.

Workers blocked out 4-ft.-wide closure strips along adjacent walls. Note the temporary piping from the roof drains going through the walls.

The completed upper level parking on the new slab shows that existing buildings can be restored rather than demolished, saving resources.

The first floor slab was undamaged by the entire slab replacement above.

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