Balancing History and Structural Restoration

New and historic marble is pictured side by side on the southern side of the fully restored dock at Ca DZan mansion.

At the onset of the project, large structural loss on the southern side of the dock can be seen.

None of the material removed could fall into the ocean water below, therefore, containment was the first step taken in the demolition process.

The formwork was achieved through an iterative process using string lines and 1x2-foot lumber.

Much of the rebar along the dock edge had completely deteriorated, requiring full-depth demolition of the concrete in these locations.

Where possible, plywood sheets were placed over the marble so they could be traversed without sustaining damage.

A crew of four men manned the hose line, vibrated the concrete, troweled the concrete, and protected the existing marble.

A total of 127 cu. ft. of 4000-psi concrete (4 3/4 cu. yds.) was placed on the day of the challenging pour.


Ca D'Zan, built in 1925, is a 32-room, two-story, venetial-style home that is one of Florida's most visited historic attractions.

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