Building Wright

Completed last June but designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1950, the house is 'site specific' with two rock outcrops passing through it and a cantilever deck that extends over the lake.

Contractor Lidia Wusatowska-Leighton says that the 1500-sq.-ft. skylight was the greatest construction challenge. Cabinetmakers built the forms and the concrete was post-tension reinforced.

The floor of living room and entertainment area has a 40-foot-span concrete floor and a ceiling supported by the column containing the fireplace. It also supports the 28-foot cantilever deck on the other side of the column. The floor features a 2-inch integrally colored concrete topping with triangular control cuts-another favorite design detail of Wright.

The cantilever deck extends over the water and features a 280-degree lake view.

Left: Thomas Heinz, architect of record for the project; center: Lidia Wusatowska-Leighton, the contractor who self performed all the concrete work; right: Joe Massaro, owner. The project was a labor of love for all. Notice the ventilation grills at the top of the photo.

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