Capitol Hill Station

With the help of the hydraulically operated PERI formwork carriage solution, which was based on the Variokit construction kit system, the walls and reinforced concrete beams could be realized in one pour. This avoided the need for construction joints as well as ensuring savings on assembly time and expense.

The formwork carriage for the bottom section was designed as a two-piece construction so that the top half of the carriage could also be used for the other two upper levels – without time-consuming and expensive assembly work.

PERI TRIO, Vario GT 24, SB Brace Frame, Multiflex, Multiprop and PERI UP formwork and scaffold systems supplemented the comprehensive project solution.

The Variokit formwork carriage ensured rapid concreting sequences for the construction of the new subway station in Seattle. HD 200 heavy-duty props served as temporary support for the longitudinal edge beams.

The Variokit formwork carriage served to brace the single-sided concreted walls as well as providing a support system for the edge beams. Load transfer during the realization of the massive reinforced concrete slab in the final phase of construction was also carried out by means of a movable Variokit construction.

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