Climb As You Build Formwork

Dokaís Super Climber self-climbing form system with working platform for high-rise cores. allowed the crews to cycle the vertical and horizontal formwork at the same speed in order to meet the tight schedule.

The design of the Regalia Sunny Isles Beach Condominium requires a minimal amount of columns to give the building an open floor plan. However, this design feature required a large shearwall/elevator core for cross-bracing of the building.

All operations could be carried out safely and quickly on the formwork’s large, fully enclosed workspace, because the climbing formwork system is anchored to the concrete at all times.

The system allows inside and outside forms to be hung from the gantry, which allows the contractor to roll forms away from or toward the formed walls, while erecting and stripping.

All of the formwork for an entire story is raised independently of the crane.

The entire core formwork is repositioned hydraulically with just one lift. This self-climbing core system is a safe and efficient way to construct high-rise cores.

The Super Climber has room for all the site equipment needed and is enclosed on all sides for safe, weather-shielded working at any height.

The Doka Super Climber is capable of supporting the largest concrete placing boom on the market, fully extended, while anchored into position or while climbing.

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