Concrete Artistry with a Competitive Edge

John Bazella, J. Bazella Concrete Inc. This project consisted of a pervious slab, shaped and colored to suggest lapping waves and a sandy beach, along with pervious concrete lounge furniture.

Second Place: Roy Bowman, Concrete Visions Inc. Bowman created an impressively detailed three-dimensional depiction of a Scrabble game in progress. The entry came in second place in both the experts’ and attendees ballots.

Butterfield Color Inc.’s booth came in first place in the Attendees’ Choice balloting and was named Best Overall by the expert judges

John Campbell, Fractal Based Innovations. The entry incorporated an intricate spiral design in three dimensions, combined with a multi-colored, reflective epoxy resin background

First Place: Adrian Gascon, Creative Waterscapes. This rock cave, with a moving door and sculpted Buddha figure, won first place, as chosen by both the attendee balloting and the ASCC expert panel.

Nathan Giffens, Vertical Artisans. This project was a curved wall of simulated stone and hand-carved and tinted lettering

Next to the Artistry Demonstration area, exhibitor JoeCrete Inc. sponsored Let’s Build with Concrete for Habitat. Students from Desert Rose Adult High School in North Las Vegas learned to make and finish concrete tabletops and other items. The participants were all active in the construction branch of Skills USA, an extracurricular program for vocational education students. After the show, the items were donated to Habitat for Humanity for resale at the organization’s local ReStore.

Rick Lobdell, Concrete Mystique. This project, hand-painted on a cast-in-place slab, portrayed a coral reef with marine life, including a dolphin and a scuba diver

Mike Murray, Murray Decorative Concrete Supply. This project focused on an urgent message: Concrete Cares and its goal to raise awareness of breast cancer to dramatize the need for research.

Carlos Andres Perez, Custom Concrete Designs. This ambitious project was designed to exhibit a wide range of decorative concrete options.

Richard Winget, Authentic Environments. Representing the ruins of a Mayan-inspired portal, the structure began with a cast-in-place slab and wall with a formed doorway.

Judges awarded Smith Paints as tops for specialty products.

Judges deemed Solomon Colors Inc.’s booth the best for flatwork.

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