Concrete Cares at WOC 2016

Rick Lobdell and Brian Somerville spent three days carving a nine-foot-tall block of Styrofoam into the shape of a bunny.

After the initial carving, Brian Somerville marks where he needs to cut for the second round of carving.

Brian Somerville uses a hot-wire foam cutter to carve out the details.

After all the carving is complete, the bunny is ready to be coated with concrete overlay.

The scratch coat is applied, which is the first coat of overlay. Rick Lobdell’s wife and kids came in to help him apply the scratch coat.

The full coating of overlay has been applied, and Rick Lobdell is ready to add some details to the bunny.

The concrete bunny stands at 7 feet tall, and holds a flower made of glass.

A close-up shot of the foot after the overlay is applied.

In order to protect the dye, Rick Lobdell sprayed the bunny with three coats of diluted solvent based sealer. This process took two days to complete.

Rick Lobdell uses blue coating to mark off the areas he wants to remain white after he applies the pink dye.

Rick Lobdell needs a ladder to apply the concrete dye to the bunny.

After the pink dye is applied, Rick Lobdell gets ready to color in the toes and the eyes.

Attention to detail is always a must for Rick Lobdell, who uses a prevail airbrush to finish shading and shadowing.

After the shadowing and white parts are complete, the bunny nears completion.

A close-up of the bunny’s head shows the incredible detail that Rick Lobdell put into this project.

It took nine days of work spread out over three weeks to complete the bunny.

Rick Lobdell poses with his completed, colorful bunny friend.

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