Creativity Runs Rampant at 2014 Artistry Demos

Attendees' Choice winner Adrian Gascon’s team assembles precast GFRC “rocks” over a wooden base and structural frame.

With the rocks in place, Gascon’s crew uses lightweight concrete to fill in gaps and create even more natural-looking contours.

Sculptor Mark Whitten puts finishing touches on an American bald eagle that was perched atop the Legacy Pool project.

Gascon’s project was a realistic recreation of rock formations and a waterfall.

Experts’ Choice winner Neil Roach incorporated varied concrete materials and techniques, along with water and fire elements.

The team from Creative Construction by Design used Symons forms for the vertical walls of their project.

Once the wall forms were stripped, Roach’s crew worked on finishing the walls and base.

Experts’ Choice winner Neil Roach incorporated varied concrete materials and techniques, along with water and fire elements.

Clear view of pervious pavement.

Beauty shot of water and fire elements.

2013 Concrete Surfaces Polished Concrete Award winner Troy Vancil cast five slabs of black-pigmented concrete to make up the sides and top of his 3D version of the World of Concrete logo.

Boulder Polishing team members use a forklift and sling to lift slabs and hang them on the metal frame shown at left.

The yellow and white areas of the logo were produced by filling embossed sections with stucco that was painted to match the printed logo colors.

The anniversary logo is nearly complete.

Chris Swarek attaches expanded-metal screening to form a sleeve of Christ the Redeemer.

The sculpture receives finishing touches.

Ed Swarek, whose Buddha figure was a feature of the previous year's winning project, gave us a monumental replica of Rio de Janeiro’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue.

Wes Behrends uses a stencil and monochrome dyes to create this powerful 3D illusion on his Artistry slab.

This Artistry Demo was an eye-catcher.

Shawn Cislo demonstrates dynamic 3D effects using a pigmented epoxy resin flooring system.

Epoxy resins gave Shawn Cislo's demo deep, rich color tones.

Julio Hallack creates a freehand mandala design.

Joshua Martinez uses a small grinder to etch the design into the concrete surface.

Hallack’s project as it nears completion.

LuxeCrete crew members finishing a tabletop as part of their demonstration.

Del Turley's demonstration incorporated various staining and texturing techniques to create colorful concrete furniture and a seamless terrazzo-like residential floor.

Steve VandeWater coats his lucky gambler figure with concrete. The slot machine in progress is shown at right.

Chad Gill demonstrates several ways of incorporating logo designs into a concrete floor, including a terrazzo style with multicolor infill, a shotblast relief example, and a polished epoxy resin design.

Steve VandeWater's concrete slot machine at Artistry in Decorative Concrete 2014.

Polishing the slab.

“Our favorite projects involve the integration of logos and design into flooring,” says Chad Gill.

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