Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete aggregate is more porous than virgin aggregate and contains unhydrated particles of portland cement that enhance the bond to cement paste.

When CCA is passed through a sieve, the dust or fine aggregate also passes through and isnt removed.

Piles of virgin aggregate usually are conically shaped. CCA piles can have vertical surfaces due to the fine aggregate content.

The project to connect light rail transportation from St. Paul to Minneapolis is just beginning. More than 10,000 cu. yds. of CCA concrete will be used to build vertical components.

Machines that crush concrete and screen aggregate have become portable and can work in small spaces.

Cemstone made this CCA pile of returned and repurposed concrete for constructing test panels for the light-rail project in the Twin Cities.

RCA includes other materials than concrete and is crushed for use as fill material and compactible fill.

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