Customized Concrete Mixes Fortify I-5 Willamette River Bridge

The Willamette River Bridge’s deck-arch design takes shape as crews pour the first batch of the arches’ concrete.

Crew members vibrate the concrete while it’s placed into the arches’ rebar-congested formwork, filling every nook and cranny.

Crews finished portions of the arch concrete by hand, contorting their bodies to reach every corner.

Some of the bridge’s features, including its piers, extend underground, requiring project team members to pour the concrete with limited light.

To ensure the deck would have no voids, crews vibrated the concrete to remove entrapped air.

Even in the rain, crews continued to pour the deck’s high-performance concrete.

A Bid-Well paver finished the deck surface, guaranteeing motorists a smooth ride across the bridge.

The completed arches of the southbound structure stand strong in the Willamette River.

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