Fast-Setting Cement Used Around the World

To avoid having any weak points in the piping for the Dorad power plant in Ashkelon, Israel, careful attention was paid to the connection between pipes. Instead of using portland cement grouting for this application, Rapid Set Cement All was used - a high performance blend of Rapid Set cement and specialty sand.

To minimize disruption to air traffic and scheduling at this heavily traveled Sydney International airport, the crew worked only at night to repair damaged slabs. They only had six hours working time and replaced pavements needed to be strong enough by 5 am to handle aircraft traffic loading.

The full-depth repair of the 2,150-square-foot floor required the additive Concrete Pharmacy SET Control, which slows the set time of cement, because temperatures both inside and outside of the building were high on the day of the pour.

At a high-rise building in Suzhou, in Eastern China, by using TRU Self-Leveling they were able to achieve seamless joints and incorporate multiple colors in swirled patterns across the floor’s surface.

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