Finishing Slab-on-Ground Floors

After concrete is placed and initially screeded for superflat floors, workers use long aluminum straightedges to restrike the concrete. This process is repeated after each pass with a bullfloat.

Superflat floors typically are cast in long, narrow rows. Shown here, workers are making passes with ride-on trowels. Notice that the slab at the front of the photo has been scraped with bump cutters. For the first several finishing processes a floor is restraightened with bump cutters to ensure flatness.

Shown here, workers are working with bump cutters following a pass with a ride-on trowel. Notice the worker restraightening the edges also.

During the first troweling phase of the finishing process, blades should be kept at a low angle and the rotation speed should be slow enough to avoid throwing bits of cement and sand across a slab.

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