Floor Slab Experiment Underway

Left: Type II steel fiber used in slab 1 Middle: Type I steel fiber used in slab 2 Right: Synthetic fibers used in slab 3.

Concrete came from a local ready-mix plant and was pumped into the five sheds. Each shed was 30 feet wide and 102 feet long (inside dimensions) with a dirt floor.

Shed 4 with slipsheet in place, ready for concrete. The plan is to monitor each slab for drying shrinkage, curling, and cracking.

Power-trowelling on slab 3, with macrosynthetic fibers. To check for drying shrinkage, five brass surveying monuments were embedded in each slab, with lines scribed on them for length measurements.

Slab 1, with Type II steel fibers, finished and cured. To check for cracking, a site-based employee inspected each slab daily for the first week, and will do so weekly after that.


An electronic level was used to measure floor profiles. Concrete Construction will publish updates and more details as this experiment continues.

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