Forms for Decks

Modular beam systems for deck forms can be very efficient.

Scaffolding was used on this project so that it could be moved quickly and safely.

Hand set panel fromwork includes plastic decking and drop head posts.

Loose forming systems have higher capacity than timber supports and fewer parts.

Modular systems make it impossible to set spans of the beams longer than their capacity.

These modular beams include shock-absorbing plastic ends to prevent damage to the composite wooden beams.

Drop heads support the floor until it can gain enough strength to be self-supporting.

Formwork structure can be removed using drophead props.

Modular systems leave lots of room beneath with wider spacing on the props.

Reshores may be placed in three or more floors below the floor under construction.

Where clearance and crane access are available, large (2100 square feet) truss forms can be flown between floors—note reshores in lower floors supporting construction loads.

Lumber beams can be placed within modular systems around columns.

Hand set panels can be dropped down and removed the day after concrete placement and carried to the floor above.

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