Healthcare Benefits of Concrete

After the current expansion project – a new hospital tower, patient parking deck, and staff parking deck – is complete, McCarthy Building Companies will be involved in remodeling the original hospital building. The most significant work will take place in the emergency department, which is being reconfigured to a split flow model to move patients through treatment more efficiently.

Contractors are using a wide module pan forming system to place the decks of the six-story hospital tower. The structure will require more than 14,000 cubic yards of concrete, including high-strength mixes in some areas.

General contractor McCarthy Building Companies joined with the project’s concrete contractor and engineer to inform the owner of the potential benefits of building with concrete versus steel. “We looked at all the factors the owner would be interested in from flexibility in the future to cost, and were able to show concrete was a viable option for the Banner Estrella project,” says Chris Jacobsen, vice president of business development for McCarthy’s Southwest Division.


With the new, 279,000-square-foot tower opens in March 2014, Banner Estrella Medical Center will add 178 beds to its facility. The tower will house obstetrical suites, additional neonatal intensive care unit capacity, new cardiac catheterization labs, and an endoscopy suite.

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