High-Tech Warehouse Reaches New Heights

This slab was placed on 535 augercast piles and was tied to the piles with reinforcement extending out of the piles and hooked into the slab.

The mat slab concrete placement was scheduled to begin at 9 p.m., due to the cooler temperatures and to avoid the frequent afternoon rain showers that Central Florida experiences during the summer.

The foundation consists of a mat slab that is 102x206 ft. and 32 in. thick. The engineer’s main concern was that there could be no control or construction joints in the slab. To achieve this, the engineer chose CTS Cement’s KSC Komponent.

The high bay ASRS building is a “rack-supported” structure, whereby the racking system is load-bearing and supports all loads on the building itself.

The outcome of using the shrinkage-compensating cement was a 102x206-ft. crack-free slab with a dense and durable surface.

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