ICFs + Removable

The 72,000-sq.-ft. house Pensmore also will be used for conferences sponsored by nonprofit groups and universities.

This graphic shows the key elements of the form system: PVC studs, foam panels, PVC inside form panels, strong-backs, braces, wales, scaffold supports, and form

Before the inside forms are installed, placing rebar and PEX tubing for radiant heating and cooling is an easy task.

Workers place concrete by pump into a wall in 16-ft. lifts, consolidating with internal vibrators.

Exterior panels are lifted to facilitate concrete placement. Notice the channeled stud supports which become a permanent part of the wall.

Looking from the inside of the house, note that the PVC forms and studs provide support for the 3/4-in.-thick insulation panels.

This exploded view shows how form elements come together.

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