Increasing Concrete Durability

Going around a column, the laser screed passes nearby, a finisher hand-strikes concrete the laser screed can’t reach, followed closely by a finisher bull-floating the surface. The concrete mix is easy to work with.

Steel fibers aren’t particularly noticeable in concrete, as shown here.

Barton Malow used its laser screed to strike off a long line of concrete, followed closely with a bull-float operation. Then a spreader applied 1 1/2 lbs. of light-reflective floor hardener.

Barton Malow makes its first floating operation with a walk-behind power trowel.

Final finishing operations are performed with riding trowels; first using pan floats and later steel trowels. The final finish will be hard but not “burned.”

Steel fibers for concrete come in various sizes and shapes, some bundled and some loose. The types are defined by ASTM A820.

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