Insulated Concrete Wall Panels

For curing, contractors covered the concrete with four inches of foam to retain heat of hydration. Keeping fresh concrete insulated for the first few days reduces temperature fluctuations that compromise strength and result in micro cracking.

Instead of pouring concrete casting beds, the tilt-up contractor constructed wooden frames in the client’s parking area. iCast panels can be cast on any level surface.

Once forms are stripped, iCast panels appear the same as conventional tilt-up. Wires for the intelliRock maturity sensors are visible.

(Left to right) First panel: Finished formwork with steel reinforcement and insulated iBoard. Second panel: Contractors install rebar for 7-inch concrete ribs. Third panel: Workers place insulated iBoard, with round anchors to hold exterior reinforcing mesh and serve as rebar chairs on the opposite side.

The tilt-up enclosure was finished with a polymer modified plaster coating that provides flexural strength and wind resistance.

Concrete flows in between and on top of iBoard composite insulated foam to form a 4-inch continuous slab with 7-inch reinforcing concrete ribs.

iCast tilt-up panels offer a thinner, lightweight option that meets structural and acoustic requirements.

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