Integrating Design and Construction

The first garage under construction is part of The View on Fifth apartment and retail complex near downtown Columbus. Here, the project team’s early collaboration resulted in design changes to several structural elements. This collaboration enabled the project team to coordinate the typical beam size so the contractor — Dugan & Meyers Construction of Cincinnati — could use formwork it already owned. Since formwork often totals half of a concrete construction project’s cost, coordinating these sizes reduced project costs and increased jobsite productivity. Additionally, discussions with the contractor revealed that reducing the column size at each floor going up in the structure was not cost-effective because of the need to change formwork and rebar sizes to accommodate this tapering.

Construction of the View on Fifth Garage went more smoothly due to the design-build approach. The design-build project delivery method, is defined by the Construction Management Association of America as “a project delivery method that combines architectural and engineering design services with construction performance under one contract.”

Section of the column brick wrap at the first Grandview garage before the redesign where the curb extended below frost line.

Redesigned column section — a dashed line shows where the plain concrete base now extends on each side of the column to support the brick, as an alternative to the concrete curb.

The original detail for a brick expansion joint on the second Grandview garage would not hide large movements between buildings.

The new detail developed cooperatively with the developer, allows for larger movement, but movement is hidden by the brick wrap.

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