LangCo Northwest Inc., Oak Harbor, Wash.

LangCo NW, Inc. provides full site work services, commercial, residential, apartment and multi-family town home and condominium foundations, slabs, stamped and artistic finishes, acid stain application, and concrete countertops.

Brad Lang (right) providing some expertise to the Project Engineer and Material Testing Agency at the Continental LID Project of Mount Vernon, Wash.

LangCo works on the 85th Ave Apts. LangCo has worked on a lot of residential projects. The contractor has constructed red stamped driveways, pool decks, rooftop tennis courts, and boat ramps among other things.

Construction of a 10,000 sq. ft. Hyundai dealership in Skagit Valley. In order to ensure the highest quality workmanship, LangCo sends all key personnel to advanced training opportunities.

Cascade Middle School - 2014 and 2015 Award Winner - Project of the Year and Sustainable Project of the Year for Washington State.

Renovation and Addition to Cascade Middle School encompasses an 80,000 square foot addition and 173,000 /- square feet of pervious concrete paving.

Goldfinch Brothers tilt-up project. This 12,000 square foot tilt-up concrete project is located in Everett, Wash. LangCo provided services to form, place, and finish the foundation, slab, framing and casting of panels, lifting, bracing, and grouting of all tilt-up panels.

The 101,104-square-foot facility is designed to house 19 Flight Simulators that re-create aircraft flight in virtually any environment and situation. The facility provides a multitude of applications for use, ranging from pilot training to analyzing aircraft reaction to external and environmental factors.

Laser Screed Service for 44,000 square foot addition to Pacific Woodtech. LangCo recently invested in a SXP Laser Screed and a MultiQuip/Whiteman SuperScreed.

LangCo constructs a refeuler fleet parking lot for the Navy. The contractor has an extensive portfolio working on government projects. LangCo has done everything from rifle range impact walls to sleep disorder centers.

The exterior of Charles Lewis Hall was created with a mix of masonry brick, composite panels and curtain walls. This future LEED Gold Certified project replaced the Lewis Hall building on campus.

Skookum Creek Fish Hatchery Foundations. LangCo has a diverse concrete construction portfolio. The conctractor does tilt up, commercial, residential, decorative, governmental, and projects using pervious concrete.

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