Lenox Hill Construction

The contractor works all along the Chicagoland area. Henry Hill, CEO of Lenox Hill Construction, enjoys working in the heart of downtown Chicago. While buidling high-rise aparments in the city can be challenging, Hill says it is all worth it at the end of the day.

Lenox Hill Construction has a track record of expedited delivery time, minimized risk, high quality crafsmanship, on-time and on-budget delivery, and a safety first approach. The contractor's dedicated construction team offers customers a broad range of expertise.

Lenox Hill has formed a commonality that you don't see too often in companies nowadays. The upper-level management consists of people with a minimum of 14 years of experience with the contractor. Hill trusts his employees and they trust that he will make decisions with their best interests at heart.

Lenox Hill Construction is a premiere provider of superior construction services in the Chicagoland area. The contractor takes pride in delivering on time and on budget. Leadership at Lenox Hill is dedicated to maintaining a long term relationship with clients by providing quality construction and management services. The contractor is committed to precise pre-construction planning.

The core management philosophy is to maintain honor and integrity throughout all the various phases and inevitable challenges any project presents. These principles are demonstrated daily by the company management team that Henry Hill, CEO of Lenox Hill Construction, started putting together in the late 1990’s.

Lenox Hill Construction has experience working on projects which include commercial office buildings, CTA station renovations, educational projects, nursing facilities, health care facilities, fast track and big box retail, multi-family residential, and municipal projects.

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