Lucie’s Backyard, Quebec, Canada

Lucie's garden before the project started. The fence was damaged by the snow removal trucks during winter. The client requested a garden surrounding with planters, at an appropriate height so people in wheelchair can leisurely work at the during summertime.

Once fabricated at the shop, the planters (quite heavy at this time) were transported to the jobsite.

Once assembled, the finishing of the planters went through several steps: preparing of the edges with fiberglass, first coat (the white one), second coat with the trowel finish, touch-ups and sealing.

The colors chosen for the planters and fence integrate themselves perfectly with the background church. We used cedar planks to join the planters.

We choose higher planters in the front, in order to provide a sense of intimacy and protection as well as to be in proportion with the heavy vegetation (trees and shrubs) present in this area. A wrought iron seating area was created in the shadow.

Front entrance of the garden. The result is neat, clean and elegant. The materials and textures create a harmonious result.

The end result was a beautiful garden with concrete planters.

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