Moving Concrete

A “Slickline” standpipe is secured to a high rise structure. At the bottom of the photo the pipe is cast into a “thrust block” to secure it

Flexible hose is relatively easy to work with but workers must be sure to avoid kinks in the line and stand clear when the risk of “hose-whipping” is present.

Bends or “sweeps” in slick lines are a point of high wear and shouldn’t be approached while concrete is being pumped. Just past the bend the pipe enters a thrust block before the standpipe

At the top of the standpipe the sweep can be diverted into different pumplines anchored by thrust blocks.

Laying out slickline properly also involves securing it to restrict movement. Here’s how one contractor did that

If you can’t place concrete off the back of a truck, pumping concrete into place is the next best thing.

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