Nanotech to the Rescue

Figure 1. Ambient temperature increase in urban areas.

Figure 2. Standard DPS versus coated DPS.

Figure 3. Compressive and flexural strength tests were conducted to determine the mechanical properties of the Cool Pavement Technology.

Figure 4. The microscopic and nanoscopic asperities on the surface of newly paved DPS (left); comparably sized asperities of the Cool Pavement.

The Duffy School grounds were comprised of more than 50% DPS (asphalt).

At Duffy School, surface temperatures exceeded 210° F, causing serious health risk to the students and faculty.

Pictured here, the Duffy School received the Emerald Cities Cool Pavement overlay on top of the asphalt parking lot.

The pavement technology reduced surface temperatures from 30° F to 80° F.

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