Narrow-Aisle, Defined-Traffic Floor Flatness

The intermediate slabs were also placed with a concrete boom pump, but screeding/strike-off was done using a Somero laser screed.

To ensure accuracy, before and during concrete placements, the forms were checked for imperfections multiple times at 2-foot intervals using an optical level and a Dipstick.

Fmin measurements correlate directly to the paths of the lift trucks.

Workers made numerous cuts and fills of the concrete surface using 12-foot and 16-foot highway straightedges (bump cutters); not the plywood walk boards placed alongside the edge forms to create a work platform above the continuous reinforcement.

Screeding/strike-off was done by hand to assure that the sideforms didn't move during this operation.

Accompanying the re-straightening operations were machining operations using ride-on power trowels.

The first lift was installed to half-slab depth (6 inches) and vibrated to reduce the initial shrinkage.

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