Observation Deck, Canton, Mo.

Near the scenic overlook stood an unused concrete structure, constructed in the 1930’s made using Portland cement. The structure originally housed pumps used to draw water from the Mississippi River for supplying the residents of the City of Canton. The appearance of the structure was not especially attractive after being unused for more than 80 years.

Using the base that was part of the 1930's Canton water plant, a structure was built that allows people to walk up a flight of stairs and view the river, river traffic, and migrating birds. The structure has an interesting roof structure that was designed by Kim Mulch, an architect from Klingner and Associates in Quincy, Ill.

The observation deck required 27 cubic feet of concrete for a total of $4,000. The total cost of the observation structure was $101,230. The structure was covered by a canopy roof structure, specifically designed for the location, which includes a tapered steel column, steel wing canopy and steel tensile rods.

People from all around the Tri-State area come to take pictures and observe the migratory birds coming along the upper Mississippi Flyway. On any given day you can see Eagles, Pelicans, Ducks, Geese, Sea Gulls, and Swans.

The observation deck was completed in June of 2014. The Canton Tourism Commission turned an old, unsightly building into an attractive location for people relax and enjoy the beautiful Mississippi River. The city has recieved positive feedback and the deck is seeing frequent use by local and visitors to the area.

The levee trail sidewalk, steps and the handicap ramp, all part of the $159,652 Transportation Enhancement Grant awarded to the City required 1,211 cubic square yards of concrete at a cost of $84,070 dollars or 43% of the total cost of the project that came in at $197,959.

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