Office Depot Global Headquarters

The large areas left open for glass in many of the panels meant a high density of reinforcement in the column-like sections of concrete.

The four-story erected walls required long braces. Some walls were brace on the inside, but others had to be braced to the outside.

The pace of the job required more than one crane during the tilt-up phase.

Based on the structural framing plan as well as an as-built pre-placement survey, each deck pour was planned to accommodate settlement during concrete placement and still end up very level.

Pumping, vibrating and finishing the fifth floor deck of the Office Depot project. Notice the green offset marks around the edge and on the steel column.

Here you can see the green offset markings on the steel columns as three power trowels finishing the fifth floor deck.

Stacking the fifth floor wall panels atop the four-story panels already in place provided one of the bigger challenges on this project.

The fifth floor wall panels were placed atop the four-story panels and braced to the slab.

Numerous architectural details occur throughout the tilt-up panels. The two-foot overhang at the parapet runs all along the front side of each building and was cast as an integral part of the upper panels.

An on-site batch plant alleviated any traffic delays; concrete was always available and close at hand.

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