On the Bubble

BubbleDeck precast panels are being lifted into position. Once in position, workers place shores under the panels and with little additional work, a deck is ready for concrete placement.

Using the BubbleDeck system, precast panels arrive at the jobsite with the plastic voids embedded in the concrete and with rebar reinforcement in place.

When the Cobiax system is used, plastic voids come to the jobsite in wire cages holding seven or eight voids. Workers place the baskets and wire them to the first layer of rebar reinforcement to hold them in place.

On the Miami Art Museum project, workers are placing Cobiax voids and rebar reinforcement.

Voids are placed in deck slabs to eliminate concrete where it isn’t needed; they aren’t placed near columns where strength is needed.

Plastic voids are secured to the precast panels with the BubbleDeck system so concrete can be placed in one lift. Cobiax voids are secured by placing concrete in two lifts

The new Miami Art Museum features elevated rooms and a large outside space protected by the roof.

Cobiax voids are caged in long wire baskets. On average, one semitruck load of voids replaces six ready-mix truckloads of concrete.

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