Overcoming Concrete Construction Obstacles with Induction Hardened Piping

Amherst Group, Toronto-based concrete pumping experts, specifies ConForm pipe for its entire placing systems including its mobile boom-pumps.

Amherst is handling the important task of pumping concrete throughout the building.

When constructing skyscrapers, hundreds of tons of concrete must be pumped through a pipeline system that begins at the hopper of a concrete pump at grade level and reaches up to the highest floors.

To supply 70 stories worth of concrete for the project, an electric pump will eventually push 35,000 cubic meters of concrete through a system of lay-down and vertical pipes.

For the Shangri La project, Amherst ran ConForms induction hardened pipe vertically through the interior of the building as it was being constructed.

Construction begins in August 2010 on the Shangri-La Hotel and Condominium tower, which will rise 70 stories above the Toronto skyline when finished. A truck-mounted boom pumps concrete from the foundation to the fifth floor. Later, a stationary pump was installed along with abrasion-resistant pipe.

For the Shangri-La project, approximately 150 feet of induction hardened pipe was encased in the concrete floor slab; Amherst had to trust the integrity of the pipe over the course of construction.

Concrete pumping pipelines must be designed to withstand months, even years, of abuse resulting from extremely abrasive concrete pumped at pressures of 2000 to 3000 psi at high speed.

The Shangri-La, nearing completion, has benefited from an induction-hardened piping system to deliver concrete

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