Pervious Concrete Used for ACI Logo Unveiling at World of Concrete 2014

In the Gold Lot at the World of Concrete 2014, the ACI logo templates are ready.

The ideal pervious concrete mix was provided by Nevada Ready Mix.

The pervious concrete used was a slumpable, flowable mix.

To allow the slab to be moved after the World of Concrete, pervious concrete was placed in two layers with fibers and a layer of epoxy-coated rebar.

Pervious concrete was placed slightly above the sideforms to allow some compaction during finishing.

A Bunyan motorized roller screed was used to place the pervious concrete.

The slab was finished with a Bunyan skip float to improve the surface texture and then covered with plastic for wet curing.

The logo templates were then positioned onto the still soft pervious concrete.

The logo art and lettering was formed from plastic templates that were laser cut to shape and connected with small ribs to hold it all in alignment.

The art was embedded to a depth of 3/8 inch.

The art was embedded using trowels and hammers.

The thin plastic sheeting formed a slight radius as it stretched into the edges of the stamped zones.

With all of the art embedded, the surface was rolled to compact the pervious concrete.

Rolling smoothed everything out and served to finish the artwork embedment.

All of the formal practices of moist curing were observed including installation of 6 mil polyethylene sheeting. We did not use superabsorbent polymer.

Early on Day 2, the plastic was removed and the surface was sprayed with The Bean as a cure and penetrating sealer.

With the pattern stamped into the surface, we were ready to start the coloring.

The artwork templates were carefully placed back into the embedded spaces to prevent colors from mixing.

The white background was created with a mix of white cement and white sand.

With the white background complete, the templates were removed.

We protected the letters and logo from the white spray to allow the colors to bond properly.

Now for the color!

The black was created with Oldcastle's Black Eyed Peas.

Black Eyed Peas is a ¼-inch cubic black basalt aggregate that was mixed with a clear polyaspartic binder.

The positioning of the colors was precisely matched to the new ACI logo.

The bright colors were achieved using colored glass mixed with a clear polyaspartic binder.

We crushed the glass before mixing and applying to get the most vivid possible color.

Six different colors were used, each representing a color of one of ACI's previous logos over the past century.

Pervious concrete is always advancing too!

The finished project left even the workers awe-struck.

Despite all of the work done to the surface, the slab remains compeltely pervious to allow drainage.

The team that created this pervious concrete logo included, from left, Nathan Mitchell, Bunyan Industries; Lonnie Gray, Oldcastle Materials; Justin Bazella, Bazella Concrete; David Mitchell, Bunyan Industries; Cas Bazella and John Bazella, Bazella Concrete; and James Miller, C2 Products.

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