Pouring from the Bottom-Up with SCC

Wayne Brothers Inc. built freestanding cores/shear walls for the new science and technology building at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, N.C., using self-consolidating concrete.

The shear walls are 85 ft. tall and have architectural concrete requirements due to their permanent exposure to public view on the outside of the building’s facade.

The self-climbing forms were built to accommodate full liquid head for each lift.

The SCC was pumped into a port near the bottom of the forms.

Scaffolding followed the ascent of the formwork.

Shear walls were poured in four to five lifts ranging from 14 to 16 ft. in height.

With SCC pumped in from the bottom, smooth finished surfaces were achieved.

The freestanding shear walls continue their climb.

High-quality form panels were needed to get the required surfaces.

The structural steel building was built around the completed shear walls.

With the force of the concrete rising in the formwork and rolling up the face of the formwork, air voids are forced out and virtually no air voids are visible on the face of the concrete once the forms are stripped.

Along with the increased quality, SCC also allows for reduction in concrete placement efforts.

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