Replacing a Failing Epoxy Floor

Firehouse 33 at 5000 82nd Ave. North houses aerial rescue, and squad trucks.

Firehouse 33 is one of four stations serving Pinellas Park, Fla.

The city replaced the badly stained and delaminating coating with a bright blue Increte Systems epoxy designed to provide high-gloss, high-build protection for concrete and masonry. The 100% solids formula has less solvent odor than typical industrial coatings and is easily buffed. To save money, it was embedded while wet with silica sand instead of quartz to create a non-skid surface.

The green epoxy floor at Firehouse 33 lasted only half of its expected 10 years. It was replaced with Admiral Blue, a custom color developed for another customer by Increte Systems. epoxy coatings fail prematurely because many contractors also don’t know how to apply the product or what to put on top of it.

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