Replacing Stamped Concrete at the Core Library

In the mid-1980s a membrane failure was also the reason for replacing the decorative pavement. Stamped concrete was chosen as the decorative treatment.

When the membrane failed for this plaza, which passes through the Core Library at Northwestern University with building above and below the deck, the decorative surface was again colored, stamped concrete.

All phases of the waterproofing process are shown here: the primer application on the left, then a second application with fabric bonded to it, and a third application over the fabric with a protection layer bonded to the surface.

With the slip-sheet over the drainage mat and the insulation, Everlast Concrete placed epoxy-coated mesh held in position on chairs. Note the construction of the bulkheads and the sandbags to secure them.

The owner specified both a light colored integral concrete and an application of color hardener on top of it. Shown here is a worker broadcasting the color hardener over freshly struck and bull-floated concrete.

The fresh stamped impressions result in an arrangement of borders andinfills. The borders consist of a narrow band of textured concrete.

The flexible stamps designed for this project included pattern butno texture. The smooth top of the stamp didn't mark the concrete when workers stamped the impressions.

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