Roller Compacted Concrete at World of Concrete

Unlike conventional concrete, which uses internal vibration for consolidation, roller-compacted concrete is externally vibrated with rollers.

Roller-compacted concrete is placed similarly to asphalt. The concrete is delivered in trucks and then spread by modified asphalt rollers.

World of Concrete gave attendees an up-close and personal look at how roller-compacted concrete is placed at a simulated jobsite.

Attendees stopped by RCC Live! to see live demonstrations of a roller-compacted concrete test-strip placement.

The purpose of the demonstration is to show attendees what they need to do to prepare for an RCC project.

Concrete is loaded into a paver before it is placed in a test strip during RCC Live!

Experts showed attendees how to successfully install a roller compacted concrete test strip.

Wayne Adaska, director of pavements for the Portland Cement Association, discusses the importance of compaction.

A paving machine spreads and compacts roller-compacted concrete.

RCC pavement is rougher than conventional pavement but strong and durable.

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