Shaking Things Up

Consolidating today’s higher-slump concrete mixes with conventional vibrators can result in overvibration, which drives out bleed water and can lead to surface defects. This test wall was constructed using a normal mix with a water-reducing admixture, consolidated at a vibration speed of 12,000 vpm. The vibration caused bleed water to leak out at the bottom of the form.

This other wall exhibits voids from water trapped at the form face during consolidation.

The 28-ft.-tall walls of this storage facility in Delaware were consolidated using only Rebar Shakers and no internal vibrators.

Stick-It Vibrator Mounts make it possible to use external vibrators on smooth-surfaced forms, such as ICFs and cardboard tubes, that can’t support traditional brackets. They use a venture air system to provide a suction mount.

Wyco Toolís new Sure Speed vibration motor maintains a consistent vibration speed, regardless of the loads imposed by shaft length and vibrator head size, or the concrete mix characteristics.

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