Smooth Sailing for All-Concrete Skate Park

Algoport Skate & BMX Park in Port Colborne, Ontario

This CIP concrete skate park includes flat and ramped concrete surfaces, a pole jamb, stainless steel coping (narrow metal rods running the length of the top edges of quarter pipes), stairs, jumps, and a spectator zone.

The ship design brings together the park’s natural and maritime surroundings.

The water-colored mogul-like track wave represents a wave surging along a boat.

The skate park appeals to skateboarders and BMX riders of all levels.

The skate park is located besides Lock 8 Canal along the banks of Lake Erie in Port Colborne, Ontario. The ship design represents the ships in the canal.

The prow and compass adds challenge and visual appeal for skaters and spectators alike.

The stern is made up of 10.8-foot-deep overt ramps and a landing pad.

The park features an overt ledge, nestled amongst a landing pad, to replicate the stern of a boat.

With each feature, concrete banks and ramps create additional challenge for users.

The concrete banks are connected. At every change in radius, height, etc., a connecting panel, or blend panel, between the two changes had to be hand-shaped and shotcreted.

The surfaces must remain smooth for skateboard wheels, so Patterned Concrete opted for filled sawcuts on flat areas and cold joints on inclined surfaces.

CIP construction offers high versatility for design, color, and longevity. Concrete skate parks are permanent and virtually maintenance-free facilities.

For the ramps, Pattern Concrete used low-slump shotcrete, which allows up to 90-degree-angle pours.

Skaters and bikers speed safely on the smooth finishes.


The park features areas for beginner, intermediate, and experienced enthusiasts.

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