Speed in Small Places

Mustang and CE Attachments staked out a section of the Gold Lot at the Las Vegas Convention Center, for operators to prove their precision skills

An operator shows his dexterity behind the controls of a skid steer

Competitors put on their game faces for sports-themed challenges

Contestants used a mini track loader with V-blade attachment to score "goals" with oversized soccer balls

Operators used a grabbing tool to pick up and place several objects, including a metal post set in concrete, a tree stump, and a large rock

Drivers navigated a 2086 skid-steer with pallet forks through a series of tasks and maneuvers, as part of the challenge's most complex event.

Mustang representatives reviewed safety procedures with all operators before they took the challenge

One challenge involved using a mini excavator with bucket to knock soccer balls through a tire, "miniature golf" style.

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