State Route 520 Bridge

As the bridge continues to take shape, crews work to build 772 columns and install 331 girders to form the superstructure. Once complete, the superstructure will support the new road.

Construction of support and box columns on Pontoon W continues. Due to the work trestle, seen in the lower right corner, the east navigation channel is completely blocked.

The Kiewit/General/Manson crew took a few moments to snap a group photo in front of the last anchor for the new floating bridge before lowering it almost 200 feet to the bottom of Lake Washington.

Crews undertake the hard work of distributing concrete for the pier foundation.

A view of the pour activities looking toward the Medina shoreline.

High above Lake Washington, and with state Route 520 in the background, construction crews carry on with their day as they continue to make progress in building roadway support structures on the top of Pier 1. In the distance, Pier 36, the west approach to the new floating bridge, is also visible.

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