Stable Joints

The joint stabilizer goes in a drilled 3-inch-diameter hole, centered on the problem joint or crack. The two halves are screwed apart with about 8000 pounds of force, locking the device in the hole and bridging the joint or crack. Dowels within the stabilizer transfer vertical loads from one half to the other. Springs maintain the clamping force as the joint or crack opens and closes, up to 1/8 inch.

At the Pennsylvania factory there was some spalling at the edges of the drilled holes.

Installed in 2005, these five stabilizers at the Pennsylvania factory were still working eight years later.

This high-traffic area in the New York warehouse got stabilizers in February 2005.

Stabilizers can be used in cracks as well as at joints, as seen here in the New York warehouse; this repair work was done eight years before the photo was taken.

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