Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge Opens

St. Louis tourists on the Tom Sawyer riverboat get a unique look at the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial bridge rising from the Mississippi River in August 2011.

Inside the coffer dam. A crew places concrete as it’s pumped into the heavily reinforced bridge foundation on the Missouri side in March 2011.

A Riley Illinois truck unloads concrete onto the contractor's barge to be delivered by crane and bucket to its destination.

A crew sets the bridge’s final edge girders.

MTA places the final steel floor beam for the new bridge across the Mississippi River.

St. Louis-based Breckenridge Material Co. placed the 2,700-foot median barrier on the bridge deck.

The Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge opened in St. Louis on Feb. 9. The 2,900-foot bridge, with a main span of 1,500 feet, is the third longest cable-stayed bridge in the U.S.

A 10-inch-thick, 13 x 43.5-foot reinforced precast panel is lifted and placed for the bridge deck. XL Contracting of St. Peters, Mo., fabricated the panels.

A crane lifts the steel structure of an Osterberg cell, used to test the concrete foundations of the bridge. MTA placed four cells into shafts that were drilled in solid rock beneath the Mississippi River.

At both tower legs, a tie solution was converted to a tieless solution resulting in Doka designing and installing W16 walers running vertically along the Top 50 gangs. Both SKE 100 and SKE 50 were incorporated for the tower legs, along with Framax Xlife forms for the interior core of the legs and Top 50 for the exterior.

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